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Using your own branded domain name with your lead capture page is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  Instead of using a sub domain or sub folder address like "", you can register something like: "", or whatever works best for you or your business.  We'll show you how to find the right domain for you... and how you can register your domain for next to nothing.

First... before we tell you how to get your own professional domain name and how to link it to your web page, we wanted to briefly share the following list of some helpful benefits & tips with you...

BENIFITS of having your own Domain Name:
  • Eliminate the "/" from your web address and make it shorter  ("/" are usually associated with replicated member sites)
  • Look more professional  (with your own unique domain name that people can associate with you or your business)
  • Easier to verbalize  (when telling someone to visit your web page)
  • Looks better in print  (on business cards, labels, etc.)
  • You can also brand your email address with your domain name  (ex. if your website was "", you can use the following as your email address: "" or "")  * This lets you advertise your web page address indirectly everytime you send out an email or give your email address to someone.  And, you don't have to change your e-mail provider.  (more info regarding email branding below)
TIPS in choosing a domain:
  • Keep it simple, short & easy to remember  (ex. "" rather than "")
  • Avoid numbers or letters in place of words  (ex. "").  If you verbally give someone your web address, you don't want to have to tell them to use the numbers "2" and "4" in place of "to" and "for" and the letter "U" instead of "you".
  • Use words or names that are easy to spell  ("" may be easily mispelled and therefore you might lose a prospect.  For example, "Google" also registered "" just in case someone typed an extra "o").
  • Avoid hyphens ("-").  (unless prospects are only clicking links to visit your page, they may easily leave the hyphens out and go to a competitor's website instead.)
  • Try to get a ".COM".  This is the most common extension.  If you can't find a ".COM" with the name you want, the next best option would be a ".NET".  But, make sure a competitor isn't using the respective".COM", because people you send to your page may unintenionally go there instead.  A ".COM" should always be the first choice.  Sometimes it's better to choose a different name than register domain with a more obscure extension.  The following are some extension choices available: ".com", ".net", ".org", ".info", ".biz", ".name", ".us", ".ws", etc..
OK, let's get started...


We recommend getting a domain name at: "". You can register a domain for as little as ONLY $9.75/year and it comes with MANY EXTRAS, including:  FREE Online Photo Filer, FREE Personalized Email Account (customized to the domain name you choose - ex., FREE Web Site Builder/Hosting, FREE Blogcast (Blog & Podcast in one), FREE Domain Forwarding & Masking, FREE 100-Pack E-mail Forwarding, and MOREYou get over $208 in FREE Extras with EVERY domain purchase.  We believe this is a very good & reliable service and the best value we've seen by far.

CLICK HERE to Register Your Domain with "MyDomainTags"

When registering your domain, you'll be given options to add hosting and an email account.  You don't really need this.  If your using your domain with your lead capture page, you don't need additional hosting since we already host your pages for you.  And, you probably don't need to add on another e-mail account since one comes free with your domain purchase and you can always upgrade that, if you need.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind, when you register a new domain name it can take several hours to propagate across the Internet. However, you should set up everything now so your domain will work properly once it goes live.

After registering (or transferring) your domain name... Log into your MDT ("MyDomainTags") Account:

Under "My Products", click "Manage Domains":

Click the domain (link) you want to update:

Click the link under "Forwarding":

- Select "Enabled"
- Enter your web page address (include "http://") in the "Forward To" field
- Select "301 Moved Permanently" under "Redirect Type"
- Continue to the "Masking" tab

- Check the "Mask Domain" box  (Title, Description & Keywords are OPTIONAL)
- Click "OK"

That's it!
  Check your domain a little later to see if it has propagated on the Internet.  Remember, it can take several hours.


Next, you may want to set up your "E-mail Forwarding".  This lets you brand your email address with your new domain name.  For example, if your domain is "", your email address can be something like: "", "" or "".  When someone sends you an e-mail to any of these e-mail addresses, the e-mail will automatically be forwarded to your FREE 'MyDomainTags' e-mail account or any e-mail account you choose.  This not only makes you look more professional, it also lets you advertise your web page domain in all your email communications.  Brand your new domain name with the FREE email forwarding service included with your new 'MyDomainTags' domain.

Here's how you can easily set up your e-mail forwrading with 'MyDomainTags':

Log into your 'MyDomainTags' account and...

Under "My Products" click "Free Products List" and select "Email Account List":

- Click the "Use Credit" link
- Click the domain you want to add your FREE e-mail account to an click "Continue"
- After you set up your FREE e-mail account, click the "Manage Account" (Control Panel) link

- Click the "Forwarding Plan" link
- Click the "Add" button  (you have 100 FREE forwarding e-mails you can use with your domain purchase)

- Type in the characters you want before the "@" sign (ex., "sales", "info", "yourname", etc.)
- Select the domain name from the pulldown list
- Type in the e-mail address you want your mail forwarded to  (e.x.,, etc.)
- Click "OK"

(NOTE:  we don't recommend checking "Catchall" since this can be an open doorway for spammers)

That's it!

It may take a little while before it becomes active, especially if you just registered your domain name.  The best thing to do is to test it by sending an e-mail to your new "domain e-mail address", then check your main e-mail account to see if it came through.  It's a good idea to check your e-mail regularly.  Keep in mind, you may have potential prospects trying to contact you.

This new "domain e-mail address" is great to use on business cards, flyers, email signatures, etc.. It gives you a much more professional presence, rather than using an "AOL", "Hotmail", "Yahoo" or other FREE e-mail addresses.  Even though your e-mail is being forwarded to your main e-mail account, your customers are only seeing your "domain e-mail address", instead of the amateur-looking, free e-mail address.  Remember, strong impressions are everything!

NOTE: You don't have to change the e-mail in your Members' Area for your "Lead Capture Page", since it's NOT visible to your customers anyway.  The e-mail connected to your lead capture page is only being used with the web forms.  Your visitors simply fill out a web form with their information being e-mailed to you, without them ever seeing your e-mail address.

Best of Success!

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